SPA procedures

Choose the right massage, SPA ritual, depilation or other treatment and let us help you relax and regain your strength.


Massages are a therapeutic and relaxing way to improve your overall well-being, relieve tension in specific areas of the body and enjoy a pleasant relaxation. The Radailiai Spa offers massages for the whole body or specific parts of the body, back, face, feet and massages for children and babies.

Body massage Prana

Body massage is suitable for muscle aches and pains or psychological fatigue – it relaxes, relieves or completely eliminates the stress of everyday life. The session uses oils, massage movements and breathing exercises to help you calm down and relax. The massage relieves musculoskeletal disorders, reduces tension and pain, relaxes the nerves, improves circulation, rehabilitates injured muscles, improves range of movement, reduces stress, stimulates the lymphatic system, improves blood circulation, and improves sleep.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

60 € / 90 min.

Hot stone massage

During the massage, volcanic stones heated to a certain temperature are placed on the body. Thanks to their higher iron content, they retain heat well and are extremely smooth and soft.
The stones warm and relax the muscles, improve blood circulation, calm the nervous system, and the aromatherapy oils help to relax, relieve muscle tension and lift the mood. The warmth of the stones, the aroma of the essential oils and the skilful movements of the professional masseur blend together to create an exceptional relaxation.
It is the perfect treatment for those who are constantly feeling tense and stressed, who want to relax, who suffer from freezing limbs, back and joint pain, or who simply love a gentle massage.

The massage is suitable for:

  • For those who want to relax and have a good time
  • For people with constant cold extremities
  • People who feel tension and stress
  • Those suffering from back and joint pain
  • Insomnia, depression, increased fatigue

Cost and duration of the procedure:

49 € / 60 min.

Lymphatic drainage facial massage

Lymphatic drainage facial massage is a highly effective procedure that activates the vascular and lymphatic systems of the entire body, improves the microcirculation of the facial skin and accelerates collagen production. The massage reduces puffiness, bags under the eyes, excess fluid and removes toxins from the body. This massage activates skin regeneration, improves skin tone, rejuvenates the face and gives it a healthy glow. The treatment is pleasant, relaxing and effective in stopping skin ageing. This massage leaves the complexion looking vibrant, clear and smooth.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

30 € / 30 min.

Lymphatic drainage massage of one part of the body with CH 1, 2, 3 serums and wraps

Lymphatic drainage massage of one part of the body with CH1, 2, 3 serums and wraps is a massage of one part of the body performed on a selected problematic area of the body: leg, arm, abdomen, thighs, etc. Lymphatic drainage massage is used in the complex treatment of circulatory and lymphatic disorders: chronic venous insufficiency of the legs, lymphostasis after injuries and surgeries, swellings of any origin, dilated veins in the legs, overweight and cellulite. CH1, 2, 3 serums and wrap reinforce the results of the massage, improving the skin condition and correcting the body shape.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

25 € / 30 min.

Lymphatic drainage massage of one part of the body

Lymphatic drainage massage of one part of the body is not only relaxing but also therapeutic. Regular massage relieves nervousness and fatigue, relaxes tense muscles, invigorates, relieves tension, helps you relax, lifts your mood and improves your well-being. If you complain of tired, aching legs after a day out, a lymphatic drainage massage can help. It is designed to relieve swollen legs, varicose veins and heavy legs. This massage stimulates venous circulation and lymphatic circulation, reduces leg muscle and joint pain and treats cellulite.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

15 € / 25 min.

Lymphatic drainage body massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a great way to normalise and restore the lymphatic system. This massage can be called therapeutic as it makes you feel better. It activates blood circulation, helps the body to remove accumulated toxins faster, helps to reduce weight, helps the skin to regenerate faster, improves emotional state, gives more energy and reduces swelling. So even if you don’t feel that your lymphatic system may be compromised, try this massage as a preventive measure. A prophylactic massage will help you avoid many problems and keep your skin beautiful, supple and young.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

50 € / 60 min.

Marma foot massage

Have you ever wondered how important the feet are? When we walk, we do most of the things we do, and the feet carry the whole body. For this reason alone, the feet should be cared for and pampered. Foot massage is important for the whole body. Even if only certain internal organs are to be affected, all points of the feet should still be massaged.
Massage strengthens the nervous system, relieves tension, stimulates the internal organs and blood circulation. There are many points on the feet which, when stimulated, stimulate the stomach, brain, liver, pancreas and other organs. Massaging these points helps to relieve pain, insomnia and headaches. Massage is also an excellent remedy for constantly working, tired legs. It relieves pain, fatigue, swelling, strengthens muscles and ligaments, improves flexibility and helps with varicose veins. A foot massage will strengthen your bones, stimulate lymphatic flow and blood circulation, improve your well-being and give you more energy.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

30 € / 20 min.

Marma body massage

Point massage (MARMA) is a deep and effective hands-on treatment for many conditions, relaxing and supporting overall health and well-being. It assesses the body’s imbalances and restores balance by applying pressure, eliminating health problems.
By massaging specific points, all internal organs are optimally relaxed, tension and spasms are relieved. By pressing certain points, it is possible to improve the microcirculation of the epidermis, activate the elimination of toxins, cleanse the ducts and relieve pain. The massage uses the full weight of the body, the pressure of the fingers and the touch of the body to adjust the physical structure and internal energy of the body, effectively removing the effects of stress, preventing disease and maintaining physical well-being.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

70 € / 90 min.

Relaxing facial massage with mask

The intense pace of life, stress, the constant rush, insomnia – all these things affect our skin, unfortunately not for the better. There are quite a lot of products in the shops that can effectively fight the signs of ageing, but the most caring is the human touch, i.e. facial massage. This type of massage allows us to relax, to take a break from our worries and to take time to think. It improves blood circulation, reduces swelling, provides oxygen and nutrients to the face, promotes skin regeneration, stimulates the facial muscles and increases their tone, which is why it is particularly effective in preventing wrinkles and helps to get rid of the double hump. And our specialists will select a face mask according to your skin type to strengthen and improve the condition of your skin.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

20 € / 20 min.

Anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage is one of the most effective ways to fight cellulite and reduce the subcutaneous fat layer in problem areas (thighs, buttocks, abdomen). Like all massages, anti-cellulite massage has specific movements that can only be applied with practice. This massage uses deep, rhythmic actions that help to activate blood circulation, remove toxin deposits, and fill the cells with fresh oxygen and essential nutrients. The subcutaneous fat layer is stimulated, lymphatics and blood circulation are activated, helping to improve the circulation of fluids in the body.
Benefits of anti-cellulite massage include: boosting the immune system, slowing down the ageing process, removing toxins from the body, smoother and firmer skin, and faster metabolism.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

50 € / 40 min.

If you book a course of 10 massages, the price is 40 € per massage

Children's massage

Children’s massage is for children from 2 to 14 years. The foundation for lifelong health is formed in childhood. As children grow up, the bone system develops faster than the muscles and ligaments, which can lead to pain, apathy, reduced flexibility, lardosis, kyphosis, curvature and other conditions that affect the child’s posture.
Our little ones are also exposed to nervous tension, stress, mental and physical strain, so don’t doubt that the gentle movements of a professionally performed massage will calm and relax your child, strengthen their immunity, and help their body recover from serious illnesses.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

12 € / 30 min.

Baby massage

Baby massage is for babies from 1.5 to 24 months. It is important for parents to know that their baby is growing up healthy and strong. From the very first days of a baby’s life, the bones, muscles and ligaments develop unevenly, which can lead to an irregular spine, shoulder girdle or hip position. The aim of an individual massage is to improve blood circulation, relieve troublesome tummy aches, and relax tense or weakened muscles. Baby massage can be relaxing or stimulating, depending on the baby’s needs and physiological stage of development. It is recommended to start attending individual massage sessions at 2 months.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

10 € / 20 min.

Classic full body massage

This massage invigorates, energises and restores lost strength and is ideal for recovering after a hard day’s work. The intense, deep movements of this massage activate the body’s blood circulation and metabolism. The strength and intensity of the massage is individually adapted to the client’s condition, complaints and desired results.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

45 € / 60 min.

Relaxing full body massage

Relaxing massage is one of the most popular and popular forms of massage worldwide. It is a gentle, soothing and harmonising procedure that will help you relax after a day’s work, relieve stress and tension and immerse yourself in a whirlpool of positive emotions.
It is recommended for people who are constantly stressed, who are working hard mentally or physically, and who feel tired. Massage improves blood circulation and metabolism, regenerates muscles, helps to relax and regain lost mental and physical strength.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

42 € / 60 min.

Back massage

Relaxes back muscles, relieves tension. Recommended for those who work in a standing or sitting position and those who are subjected to a high level of daily physical exertion.

Foot massage

The foot is a kind of map of the body. Foot massage corresponds to massage of the whole body and internal organs. The massage stimulates the points on the feet. This is done to activate the internal organs. The touch of the masseur will help you to regain inner harmony and well-being.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

19 € / 30 min.

Classical facial massage

This is a massage that effectively helps to maintain a healthy, youthful and supple complexion. It improves blood circulation, tones facial muscles, reduces tension, fatigue, headaches, improves emotional and physical well-being, and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

19 € / 30 min.


SPA rituals

Spa Rituals for the body are exclusive, innovative and highly effective spa treatments that give you immediate and visible results after the first treatment, performed with professional Norden, PurlesSpa cosmetics. For your well-being, a healthy body and firm, moisturised, glowing skin!

Treatments for pigmented facial skin

This treatment is for pigmented, wrinkled skin. The treatment uses professional Italian WORLD OF BEAUTY cosmetics. Thanks to the specially selected cosmetics and massage, the skin is moisturised, rejuvenated, brightened and pigmentation is reduced. The products used contain ingredients such as almond acid, which does not exfoliate the skin and does not cause skin damage or other side effects. Almond acid is suitable for all skin types. During the treatment, you will receive a demacuage, a relaxing facial massage, a peeling and a mask. It is recommended to have the treatment at least every 3 weeks.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

47 € / 60 min.

Anti-cellulite treatment with CH 1, 2, 3 serums and wrap

This treatment breaks down subcutaneous fat, cleanses toxins, regulates bowel function, nourishes deep skin tissues, stimulates blood flow to the tissues, improves metabolism, accelerates the fat-burning process (lipolysis), stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, slows down the ageing of the skin, and helps reduce scars and stretch marks. Improved oxygen supply softens the tissues, improves skin colour, rejuvenates the skin and reduces the appearance of small dilated capillaries on the skin surface. Quickly visible results and even slimming after a full course, with a reduction in size of 4 to 7 cm.
It is recommended in case of body or leg swellings, endemic cellulite structure, localised cellulite, overweight up to 5 kg. The CH method has received an award for its uniqueness and effectiveness.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

90 € / 90 min.

Body exfoliation ritual ``Exotic journey``

The exotic aroma will take you on a journey to sunny warm lands, the sensations of which you will feel after the treatment. The precious Jojoba and Almond oils in the scrub moisturise the skin, remove unevenness and heal inflammation, stimulate skin renewal and restore skin elasticity. Every touch of the scrub is like a tempting dessert for your skin, leaving it supple, smooth and incredibly radiant.
The treatment consists of: body scrub + shower + mask wrap + full body massage.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

60 € / 30 min.

Rejuvenating and firming body and face ritual with amber ``Nida Dunes``

When you really want to relax, you don’t have to go to a warm place to find the sun and the sea… Try the “Nida Dunes” body ritual, a set of unique treatments that harnesses the energy of amber, accumulated over millions of years, to enhance human health. Amber stops ageing, inhibits sclerotic changes in the capillaries and improves muscle tone. A nurturing exfoliating massage relaxes muscles and minds from stress and emotional tension. Amber mask wraps are exceptional wellness treatments that not only relax but also strengthen the body’s immune system.
The treatment consists of: body scrub + shower + massage + mask wrap + make-up removal + face mask.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

75 € / 90 min.

Body ritual ``Feminine Charm``

During the summer or in preparation for a special celebration, the skin of the body becomes very important. You want to look and feel flawless. This is where the vacuum gel comes in – for the care of problem areas of the body skin, as well as the prevention of stretch marks and cellulite. Relax, calm down and feel the harmony of body and soul.
The treatment consists of: body scrub + shower + anti-cellulite massage with lotion and oils on problem areas + shower.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

60 € / 60 min.

Revitalising body ritual for men ``Power of Titan``

For men who are always in a hurry, who have little time and who are buried in a myriad of things to do, we will help you to relax, forget and take care of yourself with the “Power of Titan” toning and revitalising body ritual. The Power of Titan Body Ritual will help you relax, clear your mind, de-stress and regain your strength! The nourishing massage complex will perfectly relax your muscles and mind from stress and emotional tension.
The treatment consists of: body scrub + shower + full body massage + mask wrap.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

60 € / 90 min.

Luxurious SPA ritual ``Enchantment of Gold and Champagne``

Luxurious news! The perfect duo – the luxury of gold and the enchantment of champagne. This ritual will take you on an unforgettable journey of pleasure. The gold will make your skin look younger, firmer, plumper and more supple. Thanks to the 24 carat gold particles included in the Norden Cosmetics Gold and Champagne Enchantment Ritual, your skin will be left with a light golden glow and a pleasant aroma after the massages and wraps. This luxurious, relaxing and rejuvenating spa complex will wash away tiredness and worries for a long time, restoring a youthful look and radiance.
The treatment consists of: body scrub + shower + full body massage + wrapping in a gold and champagne mask + make-up removal + face mask.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

95 € / 120 min.

Body wrapping ritual with chocolate mask ``Chocolate dream``

This is a treatment that envelops the body in a fragrant scent. Chocolate intertwined with cherry scent reveals a range of aromas that lift the mood and allow you to lose yourself in dreams. The body scrub with cherry scrub moisturises the skin and removes dead body cells. The chocolate body mask has a nourishing and detoxifying effect. The skin is refreshed, smooth and supple. Relaxing massage movements after the wrap take you to an oasis of peace.
The treatment consists of: body scrub + shower + full body massage + chocolate mask wrap + shower.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

60 € / 120 min.

Full body exfoliation and scrub

This is a procedure that removes dead cells in the top layer of the skin. The skin is fresher, brighter and better able to absorb cosmetic products. The scrub stimulates the lymphatic system and hydration, removes facial toxins and improves blood circulation. It is believed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but has no effect on wrinkles that form in the subcutaneous layer.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

19 € / 15 min.

Paraffin hand therapy

Paraffin therapy uses heat to open the pores of the skin to allow the active paraffin substances to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin of the hands or feet, nourishing, moisturising and creating a natural protection of the skin of the hands and feet against the cold and the harsh weather.
The skin on the hands and feet is left soft and healthy after the treatment. The heat emitted by the paraffin during the treatment relaxes the muscles, warms the hands and feet, soothes and refreshes tired hands, relieves tension, soothes and relieves aches and pains, and increases joint flexibility.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

12 € / 20 min.

Foot therapy with paraffin bath

Foot massage boosts immunity, gives energy, improves sleep quality, circulation, enhances the effects of any treatment, and brings the body back into energy balance. A pre-treatment scrub brightens and softens the skin, and the use of paraffin with lavender ensures the effectiveness of the bath. The feet will not only be pleasantly soft, but also moisture-rich, the foot joints will be relieved and the freshness and results will last for a long time.
The treatment consists of: foot salt bath + exfoliation + dead skin removal with pumice + foot massage + paraffin foot bath

Cost and duration of the procedure:

45 € / 40 min.


SPA rituals for the face

Spa rituals for the face are moisturising, nourishing, regenerating, firming and detoxifying treatments performed with exclusive innovative Norden and PurlesSpa cosmetics enriched with marine minerals and trace elements, as well as with our clients’ favourite World of Beauty natural cosmetics. For a radiant and youthful glow, complete skin care and well-being!


Mesotherapy is an effective facial treatment for those who want a longer-lasting effect and want to improve their skin by working on the deeper layers. Mesotherapy is a facial treatment with needles. A special device is used to inject natural, effective substances into the dermis, the deeper layer of the skin, which act on the skin to improve its condition.
Mesotherapy is particularly effective when you are concerned about wrinkles, ageing, dry skin and want to have healthy skin that lasts much longer than a one-off visit to the beautician. This facial provides the skin with a rich source of moisture and active ingredients that improve tone and elasticity, resulting in sagging cheeks, double underarms, overall skin tone and elasticity, resulting in a noticeable brightening, glowing and a naturally healthy-looking complexion.
As each person’s body and facial condition is different, it is difficult to determine a single number of treatments. However, according to studies carried out by cosmetic manufacturers, the best results are usually observed after 4-5 treatments. No special preparation is needed before the treatment – your skin will be taken care of by the beautician.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

100 € / 60 min.

Ultrasonic facial cleansing

Ultrasonic facial cleansing is a modern and safe deep facial cleansing procedure. This procedure is performed with a modern and innovative ultrasound machine. The great thing about ultrasonic facial cleansing is that it is suitable for all skin types. Ultrasonic facial cleansing is suitable for dry, sensitive, oily and problematic skin. One of the most important objectives of the facial cleansing is to purify the skin by cleansing the lymphatic system, speeding up the skin’s renewal process, protecting the skin and regulating the skin’s pH.
After the first treatment, the effect is already visible: smoother, softer, firmer and more radiant skin.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

30 € / 60 min.

Ultrasonic exfoliation without masks

Everyone wants to have a well-groomed appearance. To achieve this, you need to take the condition of your facial skin seriously and undergo various cleansing measures. After all, quality decorative cosmetics only help to cover up imperfections in the dermis without solving the underlying problems. That is why many women use ultrasonic exfoliation to keep their skin beautiful and youthful.
Exfoliation is one of the most popular activities in the field of cosmetic treatments, allowing to give the dermis a smoother appearance, eliminating many of the problems that the women faces every day. This procedure helps to remove dead epidermal cells and activate regeneration processes. The skin gets rid of dead cells, breaking their interconnections. It improves blood circulation at the micro level and nourishes the dermis better.

Cost and duration of the procedure:

10 € / 10 min.


Hair removal

It’s time for you to try waxing too, if you haven’t done it before and are still torturing yourself with razors! We promise that you’ll be delighted with the results after the first treatment, leaving you with smooth and even skin, free of unwanted hairs. After all, soft, well-groomed skin is a sign of sexual desire, good tone and modern style.
Waxing is one of the most effective and widely used hair removal procedures. It takes only 3-4 weeks to regrow hairs, and with repeated treatments they grow back looser and thinner. Longer use of this method of waxing results in a significant reduction of hairiness on certain areas of the body. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for shaving or depilatory creams and foams.
This procedure is also excellent because it is suitable for all skin types and for removing all types of hair. Waxing can be used to remove hair from the whole body, including the most sensitive areas.

Pre-registration is required for all SPA treatments!