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What are cookies?

Use of personal information. We try to give you as much control as possible over the processing of your personal data; it is important to us that you feel comfortable when you visit our website. The following cookies are used on our website:

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Radailiai Manor may collect and use your personal data (e.g. name, surname, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other information specified in the registration forms on the Radailiai Manor website) for the purpose of ordering goods and/or services, and for other defined purposes, subject to your prior separate consent. Demographic data (e.g. age or gender) may be used to better tailor the website to the needs of a particular visitor, to display content that is specifically selected to meet their needs.

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You have the right to know how your personal information is used. If this information is incorrect, incomplete or inadequate to enable us to accurately fulfill your orders and provide our services, please correct it immediately. You have the right at any time to request that Radailių Manor rectify or erase the personal data you have provided to us, or to suspend the processing of such data (except for storage). If this results in the impossibility of continuing to provide Radailių Manor services, the provision of these services shall be terminated (after deletion of personal data) or suspended.

The website is managed and administered by the company “Vita Aušrienė”, operating under a certificate of individual activity, certificate no.: 024130, address Pušyno st, 9. Radailiai, Klaipėda district.

Limitation of liability

The Radailiai Manor website specialises in providing information about the special events and services taking place at Radailiai Manor, Spa and Villa, and keeping its users informed of all the latest news. However, the use of the articles, comments, advice is the responsibility of the user of the service.

The materials appearing on Radailiai Manor may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Radailiai Manor may make changes or corrections at any time. The World Wide Web is constantly changing and no search or indexing technology can provide a complete list of all available websites. Radailiai Manor cannot and does not guarantee that your search results will be complete or that the links to the websites listed in the Directory will be accurate at the time of your search.

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Radailiai Manor reserves the right to change the rules of the games organised at any time without prior notice.

The advertisements published on Radailiai Manor are the sole responsibility of the advertiser, their content and their legality.

Newsletter rules

The Radailiai Manor newsletter is intended to inform readers about the news of their own individually selected web portals, publications and their specific sections, as well as about promotions, organised events, new and updated services announced by Radailiai Manor.

Each subscriber of the Radailiai Manor newsletter has the right to change his/her subscription at any time or to unsubscribe from the subscription completely. You also have the right to access your personal data and the right to request the rectification of incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate personal data. If the subscriber unsubscribes from the Radailiai Manor newsletter, Radailiai Manor will no longer have the right to process the personal data you provided when subscribing to the Radailiai Manor newsletter.

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You can choose whether you allow us to use your personal data to send you the Radailiai Manor newsletter. You can do this by:

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Even if you have given your consent to the processing of your personal data for the purpose of sending newsletters, you can easily withdraw this consent at any time for all or part of the processing of your personal data. To do so, you can:

  • To notify your unsubscription in the manner indicated in the e-notifications and/or offers you receive (e.g. by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link in the messages, which can be found at the bottom of each email).

Your personal data will be protected in accordance with the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania (Journal of Laws, 1996, No. 63-1479; 2008, No. 22-804). Your rights are also protected by the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights of the Republic of Lithuania (Journal of Laws, 1994, No. 94-1833; 2007, No. 12-488).