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 Radailiai Manor restaurant has been serving its guests since October 2006.

The restaurant is situated in a picturesque location on the edge of a large pond just 7 km away from Klaipėda. It is a wonderful spot of nature with impressive old oaks, a large pond and beautiful walking paths. Cozy restaurant atmosphere, delicious food, great customer service and large windows overlooking stunning scenery are exactly what you have been looking for. We offer our guests to sample European cuisine, while our wide range of dishes will make you want to come back again to give them all a try…

The restaurant is arranged over two floors. The hall on the first floor accommodates over 30 people. During banquets, we will provide seats for around 20 people behind the table. On the second floor, there is the main manor hall equipped with a bar; the floor area of the hall is divided into separate sections. The sections may accommodate a group of up to 10 people and in the larger area of the hall we can organize a banquet for about 30 people. We also have a banquet hall accommodating roughly 30 guests.

During the summer season, guests may use the restaurant outdoor patio which accommodates up to 150 visitors. We may also offer a ferry for up to 10 people to hold a celebration or dinner on the water.